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Project Description

Rise Marketing was hired for a product photoshoot for Subzero Scientific. Our team was tasked with product photography, social media content creation, and photography optimization by the client. The photoshoot took place in our studio and the result was beautiful images that will help the Subzero Scientific brand to expand to the global market.

Our team was able to shoot over 150 images with multiple angles and lighting scenarios in order to create a vast array of photos that portray the beauty of Subzero Scientific brand products.


Subzero Product Photo Shoot

The shoot focused on extraction equipment accessories, including filters, tubing, and valves, which are essential for the process of extracting essential oils from plants. These accessories are a crucial part of the Subzero Scientific brand, and it was essential for them to be captured in high-quality images that accurately represented their features and benefits.

Our team used state-of-the-art photography equipment, including high-resolution cameras and professional lighting, to ensure that every detail of the products was captured. We also used advanced editing software to enhance the images and make sure they were perfect for use on the Subzero Scientific website and social media channels.

During the product photo shoot, our team worked closely with the Subzero Scientific team to ensure that their vision for the images was met. We took into account their desired style and aesthetic, as well as any specific features they wanted to highlight in the photos. This collaboration helped to ensure that the final images were exactly what the client wanted and would help to effectively promote their products to potential customers.

One of the key challenges of the product photo shoot was capturing the fine details of the extraction equipment accessories. These products are small and intricate, and it was essential to showcase their features and benefits in a way that was clear and easy for potential customers to understand. Our team used multiple angles and lighting scenarios to make sure that every detail was captured and that the images were easy to understand.

In addition to product photography, our team also created social media content for Subzero Scientific. We used the images from the photoshoot to create visually stunning posts that would help to promote the brand and its products on social media. We also optimized the images for use on the Subzero Scientific website, ensuring that they were the right size and format for the website and that they would load quickly for visitors.

Overall, the product photoshoot for Subzero Scientific was a huge success. Our team was able to capture beautiful images of the extraction equipment accessories that accurately represented the features and benefits of the products. The images will be used to promote the Subzero Scientific brand and its products to a global market, and our team’s efforts will help to make sure that these products are seen by as many potential customers as possible.


Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom


Subzero Scientific

Completed Date

01 – 05 – 2020




Chicago, IL