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Project Description

Rise Marketing was tasked with the wine product design for Archer Winery, a large family-owned vineyard in Oregon. The goal was to create a unique and visually appealing design that would stand out on store shelves and attract new customers.

Rise Marketing served as the strategic product design and development partner to Archer Winery. Rise Marketing was tasked with formalizing and documenting the brand vision and identity, as well as creating all of the product design, including label design, 3D bottle renderings, graphic guidelines, and other various collateral.

The first step in the wine product design process was to research the competition. Rise Marketing analyzed the designs of other wines in the same price range and category, taking note of common elements and trends. They also looked at the overall branding and packaging of Archer Winery, to ensure that the new design would fit seamlessly with the existing aesthetic.

Website Designed and Developed by Rise Marketing: https://archer-wine.com/

Archer Winery – Wine Product Design

Next, the team at Rise Marketing began brainstorming ideas for the wine product design. They considered various colors, typography, and imagery that would evoke the feeling of Oregon and the quality of the wine. They also discussed the possibility of incorporating elements of the vineyard’s history or culture into the design.

After several rounds of revisions and feedback from the Archer Winery team, the final wine product design was chosen. The label featured a simple, elegant black and white design with a subtle background pattern of grapes. The name of the winery and the type of wine were prominently displayed in bold, easy-to-read font. The overall design conveyed a sense of sophistication and quality, making it stand out on store shelves.

The wine product design was then implemented on all bottles of Archer Winery’s flagship red and white wines. The new design was well-received by both customers and industry experts, with many praising its unique and visually appealing style. The wine product design also helped to increase sales, as more and more customers were drawn to the distinctive look of the bottles.

In addition to the wine product design, Rise Marketing also helped Archer Winery with the design of their website and social media pages. The goal was to create a consistent look and feel across all platforms, to further enhance the brand’s image and appeal to potential customers. The website featured a clean, modern design with high-quality images of the vineyard and wine-making process. The social media pages also reflected the aesthetic of the new wine product design, with a focus on showcasing the beauty of Oregon and the quality of the wine.

Overall, the wine product design created by Rise Marketing was a success for Archer Winery. The new design helped to increase brand awareness and sales, and positioned the winery as a leader in the industry. The team at Rise Marketing was able to effectively capture the essence of the vineyard and the quality of the wine in the design, making it a visually appealing and memorable product. The design was so successful that Archer Winery continued to use the design even after the collaboration with Rise Marketing was over.


Photoshop, illustrator, Blender


Archer Vineyard, Winery & Tasting Room

Completed Date

20 – 04 – 2022


Sara J.


Newberg, OR